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Universal Serendipity, by Ted Stoltz
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The book is available in its entirity to download, no strings attached. If do you read it and enjoy it, however, consider purchasing a copy or making a donation. I'd suggest the eBook version is worth about $5. If you feel it's worth it and can donate anything at all, I appreciate it!
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About the Book
Universal Serendipity is a collection of essays and fiction, originally published on the web between 2007 and 2009. During this time, Ted Stoltz regularly published articles on his site, the Not A Blog (so named as a reaction against what he saw as an overuse of the word "blog"). The original site is no longer online, but the best essays and writing from that effort are collected in this book.
The essays cover a range of topics: humor & satire, futurism, philosophy, politics, and fiction. Unfortunately, all of this doesn't summarize very well into a nice, tidy paragraph. It helps to approach the book as a provocative look inside one rather overactive and diversely interested mind. This is a book of semi-random thoughts on dozens of subjects. It's a book of ideas.